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Nitto Tire SEMA Booth Preview

Brought to you by Driving Line | October 26, 2017

It’s that time of year again! The SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show is a hot bed for innovation and jaw-dropping builds from around the globe. With the 2017 show less than a week away, rumors are running wild as to what over-the-top builds will grace the show floor this year. Luckily for you, we’re giving you a sneak peek at a few that will be on display at the Nitto Tire booth.

Gas Monkey Goes Import


The Gas Monkey crew from the TV show Fast and Loud have another amazing build, and this time they started off with the iconic 1975 Datsun 280Z. It was picked for its timeless chassis and classic bodylines as it’s one of the few that’s often respected and appreciated by all automotive enthusiasts. The well-balanced and nimble machine received a host of upgrades to update the aesthetics, powertrain and electronics. Now riding on a full-race suspension, the build is a great balance of modification and restoration.


The Duke


Randall Robertson is known for his custom truck creations and his 1972 Chevy K50 Crew Cab just might be the wildest of them all. After being under the knife for 2 ½ years, the truck he calls The Duke will finally be ready for the bright lights of SEMA. From the custom firewall to the one-off chassis, there’s not a single section of untouched metal on the Chevy. While the front clip is a modified version of a C50, the bed comes from a C20 pickup.



If the fact that majority of the truck is hand fabricated doesn’t have you wowed, the clean execution of the 5.9L 6BT Cummins diesel engine under the hood should. Behind the legendary turbodiesel you’ll find a NV4500. Riding on 40-inch-tall Nitto Trail Grapplers, this is shaping up to be one mega-sized show stopper.


Shelby GT350X by Steeda


For those that relish the Ford Mustang performance aftermarket, Steeda Autosports is a name you’ll like recognize. With nearly 30 years of go-fast engineering knowhow put to work, the Steeda team has once again built modern muscle car ready to battle with the fastest on the track. Teaming up with the Mustang Dream Giveaway Team and Nitto Tire, the Shelby GT350X experimental muscle car is something that has the bite to back the bark.



Under the hood, you’ll find a 2.9L Whipple twin-screw supercharger attached to the Ford V8. Pushing out 875 horsepower and 660 lb-ft of torque, the Nitto NT05R DOT-compliant drag radial was secured to ensure the power made it to the ground. Along with the boosted engine, the suspension, drivetrain, and subframe all got a healthy helping of upgrades. We can’t wait to see this one in person.