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5 Last-Minute Tasks for a Successful Whitetail Season

Brought to you by Driving Line | October 04, 2017

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Across the country, hunting season is about to vault into full swing, and for many hunters the season will come to a close with a pocket full of unused tags. As much as things can go your way at any moment during the season, it’s often the pre-season preparation that aligns all the stars leading to a successful hunt. So with the peak hunting season approaching fast, what tasks do hunters need to be focusing on now?

Get Fall Pictures

All summer we watch bachelor groups of velvet bucks move from bedding to food. It’s a great time of year to get an inventory on what is going to likely be around as the season kicks off. However, as days shorten and temperatures get cooler, bucks begin to split up from their groups and shift entire ranges. This fall shift can move entire home ranges of bucks over a mile away. It is critical to anticipate this jump and get out to move trail cameras. Though it may be more proactive at this point, the adjustment of trail cameras to stay ahead of the deer can make the difference of getting on a buck this fall.

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History Doesn’t Always Repeat Itself

When deer hunters have success in a stand, the run of good luck is often assumed to continue for many years to come. But often the conditions or luck that led to a successful hunt don’t repeat themselves. It’s important to acknowledge that history isn’t always going to repeat, and that moving treestands or hanging new stands can be critical to success. Many hunters know the amount of work that’s put into carrying in treestand equipment, and dread having to do it all over again. Having a reliable truck and set of tires can make accessing and transporting equipment a lot easier. Some hunters may be weary of driving trucks right up to stand locations, but trudging in so much equipment and dropping a lot of human scent and disturbance, one could argue is much worse than the brief presence of a vehicle.

No Shot, No Deer

You spend all the time and effort to hang a new treestand in the perfect spot, but when your target buck comes into range you can’t pull a shot through all the tree limbs. Failure to clear several lanes for your treestand shots is probably one of the biggest misses by hunters. Of course there are some situations where trimming is not condoned like on leased land or public land, but where it is, trimming can be the difference between success and failure. You don’t have to remove entire tree limbs, but snipping small twigs and branches both on the ground and in the stand are usually the biggest culprits. Pack the trimming equipment right into your truck when you hang the new stand, that way it’s ready to go on your first hunt.

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Keep An Eye On The Prize

Getting out and actually laying eyes on a deer you are after is priceless. Though trail cameras can be running 24/7, they still have a limited detection range requiring a deer to pass through the right area. Some vantage points are easier to get to than others. It’s very important so close to peak season to leave as minimal human presence in an area as possible. Driving your vehicle up to a great observation point and sticking close to the vehicle can throw deer off as it will not be what they detect in an area while you are actually hunting. Being able to get to these areas and watch deer movement will allow you to have a more defined path of movement by target deer.

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Clear Your Path To Success

Often when we haven’t been down a road or trail since the previous season, weather has created impassable obstacles. There’s nothing worse than trying to get to your preferred spot, only to be stopped in your tracks by a down tree. Cruising the property you will be hunting to ensure roads and trails are clear will create less headache come hunting season

Proper pre-season preparation is key to success during deer season. Often hunters focus so much on the hunt itself, they forget about the small details that can create a miserable experience during the season. While time is on your side, jump in the truck and get these last-minute tasks completed so you can focus solely on hunting success this season.